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Most services are offered & priced on a project-basis

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Communications Coaching 

Customized communications coaching for forward-facing professionals looking to strengthen + refine their presentation style & effectiveness.


Program Facilitation

Experienced program facilitation for a variety of virtual & in-person events, including webinars, podcasts, panel moderation and participation, and specialized courses with curated content.

Program and Event Logistics

Coordination for large and small scale events and classroom-style programming. Provides on-the-ground support for event and course strategy, planning, and execution.

Virtual Presence Development

Crafting + curating your business's virtual footprint, including website development, logo creation, email account setup & migration services, & social media account streamlining.

Virtual Event Production

Providing end-to-end support + technical expertise for virtual events, including scheduling, speaker support, practice sessions, back-end hosting, & technical support (day-of).

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